Favorite Printable Math Resources

Printable Math ResourcesBelow are links to pdf documents I’ve either created or acquired while working with Singapore materials, along with puzzlers and activities for your math wall or silent seat work time.

Have you created a great Singapore resource that you want to share? Email me.

General Manipulatives

Dot paper for multiplication: x 6, x 8, x 9
Base Ten Blocks
Dot paper 1 cm
Giant numbers 0-9
Grid paper 1 cm
Number Cards 1-9 for games and activities
Number Cube (or die) 1-6
Number Cube (or die) -blank
Number Cube (or die) dots

 Numbers to Ten

1A Addition Facts game board
1A Count Game Board to 10
1A Dominoes
1A Number Cards 0 to 10
Numbers to 10 matching activity

Numbers to 40

1B Closest to 20 or 40 game sheet
Put Yourself on the Line -Number Cards 20 to 40

Numbers to 100

Number Bonds to 100 Memory Game Cards

 Tens Frames

Ten Frame Cards 0-10
Ten Frame Dot Cards
Ten Frame Cards 11-20 – larger
Ten Frame Cards 11-20 with numerals
Ten Frame cards 11-22
Tens Frames to 100
Ten Frames blank 3-up

 Place Value Disks and Strips

Place Value Discs: one-ten-hundred
Place Value Discs lid insert -3 x 6
Place Value Discs lid insert -4 x 8
Place Value strips
Place Value Strips and Base-10 Block
SQUARE! Place Value Discs


Fraction Strips -labeled
Fraction Strips -unlabeled


Area Game Directions
Coordinate Grid Battleship
Mr. Gallon parts
Tangram Pieces
Zukei Geometry Puzzles

Fact Worksheets – Horizontal Option!

Math Fact Cafe
The Math Worksheet Site On-Line Math Worksheet Generator

What do I do when I’m done? activities

International Logic Games

Nim – China
Tapatan – Philippines
Dish – Native American
Shisima – Kenya
Pong Hau K’i – China
Mu Torere – New Zealand

Puzzlers/Activities – Printable & Online

Difference puzzler
Logic Puzzles
Matchstick Puzzles
More Nim
Problems Without Figures
SET® Math Workbook for Teachers
Skyscraper Templates
Zukei Geometry Puzzles