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Looking for a little bias? Try these articles/blogs:

Bill Jackson on CNN.com: My view: America’s students can benefit from Singapore math

Bill Jackson writes on Singapore Math for the Daily Riff:

But if we keep throwing out promising ideas just because they don’t immediately improve scores on tests whose quality is questionable at best we’re doomed to repeating the haphazard and fragmented reform efforts that got us here in the first place.

The goal in Singapore is to make sure the average teacher is excellent. One of the big problems in U.S. schooling, as many a parent can testify is that a child’s education can vary so much from grade to grade and teacher to teacher.”

Singapore Math is intentionally redundant. You can say that again!

The Ashland, Kentucky Independents predicts: Singapore math: Expect more schools in state to copy method used in Asia. (April 2, 2011)

Core Knowledge on why Singapore Math Is “Our Dirty Little Secret” (October 6, 2010)

Utah’s Daily Herald touts: A math method for Utah schools (September 1, 2010)

Barry Garelick has several articles on the Singapore Math curriculum:

Learning Things: The Education Store sells Singapore Math Materials and offers these articles:

Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia writes:

US State Department recommends Singapore Math:

Utah has been considering Singapore Math:

  • Utah Math Ready
  • Utah’s Math Future: This is Rocket Science

Seattle Public Schools and the school community are working through issues relating to mathematics, including the use of Singapore Math to supplement other curricula:

Concerned Math Educators of New Jersey have some thoughts on Singapore Math:

American Association of School Administrators has commentary on Singapore Curriculum in Singapore:

Out in Left Field publishes a math problem of the week comparison that frequently include Singapore Math. The author also writes on math curricula in general.

Bloggers on Singapore Math:

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Schools using Singapore Math:

Letters to the Editor about Singapore Math:

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