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How “Singapore Maths” Teaching Has Impacted Teachers’ Confidence in the UK

12News Phoenix on Singapore Math

Could Singapore Math be the answer to America’s failing scores? – 2/14/2021

‘Catastrophic maths’ report advises ‘Singapore method’ – 2/13/2018, The Connexion French News and Views

How Singapore Math Improved Scores at a U.S. School – 1/3/18, Education Week

Arlington Heights School District 25 drops University of Chicago math instruction for Singapore model – 5/1/2017, Chicago Tribune

Singapore maths inspires UK educators: Study finds that British children made more progress in subject when teachers used Singapore-style methods – 4/4/2017, The Straits Times

How Singapore’s students rose to No. 1 – 12/25/2016, The Straits Times

Top maths teachers call for more funding for Singapore ‘mastery’ method – 12/13/16, The Telegraph

Test shows Singapore students move from regurgitating to critical thinking – 12/7/2016, the newpaper

Singapore – a winning combination? – 12/5/2016, BBC

Singapore Students Are Most STEM-Savvy In The World: What Does America Need To Improve On? – 12/2/2016, Parent Herald

Why Do Singapore Students Surpass the Rest of the World in Math and Science? – 12/1/2016, Education World

Singapore students top global achievement test in mathematics and science – 11/29/2016, The Straits Times

Revealed: World pupil rankings in science and maths – TIMSS results in full – 11/29/2016, The Telegraph

Math in Focus: Building a Solid Math Skills Foundation – 10/12/2016, ResponsiveEd blog

What Can Be Learned From Singapore’s Math Curriculum – 7/13/2016, Education World

Why Singapore’s kids are so good at maths: The city-state regularly tops global league tables. What’s the secret of its achievement? – 7/22/2016, The Financial Times

Singapore Math Is Popular Among Educators Worldwide. Why? – 6/16/2016, Asian Scientist Magazine

A new centre is teaching Singapore Math to children in Montreal – 4/29/2016, Daybreak Montreal Radio programme

Teachers learn new math teaching method – 8/27/2015, LocalNews  8

Singapore-style teaching helps solve problem of maths failure, says new research – 7/13/2015, The Independent

6 Reasons Why Singapore Math Might Just Be the Better Way –  7/11/2015, The Seventy Four

Singapore math teaching would work in Western schools, report says – 6/18/2015, CNBC

Singaporean teaching methods improve UK maths skills – 6/17/2015

East Asian teaching method leads to ‘small but welcome improvement’ in English pupils’ maths skills – 6/17/2015, University College London

Asia tops biggest global school rankings – 5/13/2015, BBC News

Singapore tops OECD’s global education ranking – 5/13/2015, TodayOnline

Singapore maths is travelling the world – 10/23/2014, The Straits-Times

Meeting explains new math techniques in Camdenton R-III – 10/1/2014, Lake News Online

School District 146 Adopts New Math Book Series – 9/29/2014, Chicago Tribune

Excellence in Canadian math education — by way of Singapore – 9/5/2014, National Post

North Cross School transitions to Singapore Math – 9/3/2014, The Roanoke Times

Singapore math forced teachers to learn new way to teach – 8/31/2014, Henderson Gleaner

District 38 puts new math program into effect– 6/5/2014, Chicago Tribune

A lesson learnt from Singapore – 4/15/2014, The Australian

Making math fun: Teacher of Singapore method visits Wilkes school – 2/19/2014, Wilkes Journal-Pilot

How Common Core standards are affecting elementary, middle school math classes – 12/2/2013, MLive

Hooksett dumps ‘Everyday Math’ – 5/8/2013, The Hooksett Banner

New Math Teaching Method Coming to Madison Schools – 4/18/2013, Madison Patch

‘Math in Focus’ at center of course, textbook change – 4/16/2013, The Ridgefield Press

New Math Program Proposed To Ridgefield School Board – 4/9/2013, Ridgefield Daily Voice

District adopting new math curriculum – 4/5/2013,

Goodbye Everyday Math, Hello Singapore? – 4/2/2013, Greenwich Patch

Hampton school officials, teachers gearing up for new math series – 3/14/2013, TribLive

Hampton schools to cancel day of classes for teacher development day – 2/20/2013, TribLive

Hampton Township School Board plans to adopt new elementary math program – 2/13/2013, TribLive

Barrington District 220 aims for international success in math – 2/7/2013, Barrington Courier-Review

RI school is trying new approach to old (math) problem  – 12/21/12, RINPR

Singapore kids rank among the best in math, science – 12/11/2012, Yahoo News

Madison School Board Ponders Singapore Math Model – 11/28/2012, The Alternative Press

New Farmingdale Math Program Moving Forward – 10/23/2012, Farmingdale Patch

My view: America’s students can benefit from Singapore math – 10/10/2012,

Singapore Math Comes to South Orange – Maplewood Schools – 10/9/2012, Maplewoord Patch

Kentwood schools new Math in Focus: Singapore Math curriculum adding up for students, teachers – 9/20/2012,

Martha’s Vineyard Schools rate highly on MCAS scores – 9/19/2012,

Singapore Math focuses on teaching concepts in steps – 9/14/2012, Savage Pacer

Teachers review Common Core math program – 9/12/2012, Upper Arlington News

Elementary, my dear – 9/7/2012, Elk River Star News

Barrington parents go back to school – 9/6/2012, Barrington Courier Review

Minnetonka: Charter school will spotlight Russian language, culture – 8/21/2012, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

DPS considers Singapore math pilot program for Y E Smith  – 8/14/2012, The Herald Sun

MasterCard Grant Helps Train Wentzville Math Teachers – 8/9/2012, WentzvillePatch

Ogden district invests in Singapore Math program – 6/2/2012, Standard Examiner

Gosnell board adopts new math curriculum – 5/18/2012, Blytheville Courier News

Evesham school officials tout new, improved math program for district students – 5/17/2012, South Jersey Local News

Math fun – 4/25/2012,

Somerset County teacher’s trip offers glimpse at Singapore’s math education methods – 4/8/2012, The Star-Ledger

Tri-Town School Committee picks new math curriculum – 3/28/2012, Wicked Local Topsfield

Local schools think differently about math – 3/23/2012, Montgomery News

Whitby school borrows ‘world-best’ teaching methods – 3/18/2012, Toronto Star

At Marymount of Santa Barbara, Math Is No Problem: Students excel with an engaging method that raises the bar on achievement – 3/15/2012, Santa Barbara Noozhawk

Bland Elementary using Singapore math –  3/13/2012, SWVA Today

Mansfield Township woman learns Singapore Math overseas – 3/12/2012, LeHigh Valley Live

What’s The Big Deal about Singapore Math? – 2/24/2012,

Math pioneer’s visit adds up for Hall teachers: Training session offers educators ‘aha moments’ – 2/22/2012, Gainsville Times

Principals Coley and Smith Teach Singapore Math – 2/20/2012, Bladen Lakes Primary School News

From Singapore to Montecito: Crane’s new math program revolutionizes how children learn -2/3/2012, Montecito Messenger

Winona Area Catholic Schools embraces Singapore math method to boost scores – 1/29/2012, Winona Daily News

Math, Singapore Style – 1/2012, San Diego Jewish Journal

Goodbye flashcards, Hello Singapore – 12/16/2011, New Haven Independent

Singapore Math: Ending the Spiral of Non-Mastery – 12/30/2012,

Saginaw Township elementary schools implement hands-on Singapore math program – 12/12/2011, The Saginaw News

Midlothian School adopts Singapore Math  – 12/8/2012, Southtown Star

Learning math Singapore style – 11/21/2012,

County schools utilize Singapore math program – 9/12/2011, The Paducah Sun

Schools take stock of new math program – 9/1/2011, Scarborough Leader

New curriculum, more technology at Legacy Christian Academy – 8/31/2011,

Grant Helps Wentzville Schools Continue Singapore Math Program – 8/24/2011, Wentzville Patch

Westtown School takes on Singapore Math – 7/14/2011, Daily Local News

D.C.’s Bruce-Monroe school faces challenges as it tries Singapore math method – 6/6/2011, The Washington Post

FOX Focus: Singapore math – 5/18/2011,

Harrisonburg Schools Look to Singapore for Help in Math- 5/17/2011,

New math program for Englewood’s elementary schools – 4/6/2011, Northern Valley Suburbanite

NEW MATH = HIGH SCORES: Singapore system working at Santa Catalina – 4/5/2011, The Monterey County Herald

More Fayette schools sign up for Singapore math program – 3/29/2011, Lexington Herald-Leader online

More Singapore Math Classes Likely In Lexington – 3/29/2011,

Math Program Seeing Amazing Results: “Singapore” Math Program Helping Students Succeed –  2/5/2011,

Math the Singapore way: Private Post Falls school hopes curriculum counters declining scores – 1/24/2011,

New formula helps to instill ‘numbers sense’ students: Brandywine School District has added Singapore math – 1/5/2011, Delaware Online

Singapore Math adds up for J.E. Cosgriff Memorial teachers and students – 12/9/2010, Intermountain Catholic News

Syndicated video of Dr. Scott Baldridge discussing Singapore Math on  – 6/23/2010, WHAM ABC 13 Rochester

Brandywine stretching $ with Race To The Top plans– 12/7/2010, WDEL 1150 News Talk Radio

Private school finds answers in Singapore method – 12/5/2010, The Augusta Chronicle

Singapore Math Explained To The Community – 11/18/2010, Times-Union Online
Singapore program helps students learn at deeper level – 11/9/2010,

Singapore Math parent night: New program implemented at Grand Canyon School -10/12/2010, Grand Canyon News

Tewksbury schools put ‘Math in Focus’ – 10/8/2010, Lowell Sun

A Slower Approach to Math – 10/1/2010, New York Times

Making Math Lesson as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause – 9/30/2010, New York Times

Singapore Math Education – 9/2010,  San Diego Family

Schools, students adapting to new math curriculum – 9/6/2010, Journal & Courier Online

1st day at Sayles brings mix of old and new – 9/3/2010, Norwich Bulletin

What’s ripe for educational reform? Westtown School believes it’s mathematics instruction in the elementary grades – 8/30/2010, The Chester County Daily Local News

Singapore Math Adds Up for US Teachers – 8/10/2010, Voice of America News

Bell Central school pilots Singapore Math– 7/24/2010, The Middlesboro Daily News

Singapore Math adds up for St. Edward’s School in Vero Beach 7/23/2010, TCPalm

Henderson’s New Math – 7/21/2010, Fox 7 News

National Council on Teacher Quality and the National Math and Science Initiative recommend the Singapore Math Curriculum:

Tackling the STEM Crisis: Five steps your state can take to improve the quality and quantity of its K–12 math and science teachers

Christian school pushes for Singapore Math – 5/2/2010, Manila Bulletin

Can Innovation Thrive in Singapore? – 4/23/2010, The Borneo Post

Singapore Teaches the World How to Teach Math – 4/20/2010, PR Newswire (Press Release from Marshall Cavendish)

“Teach less, learn more.” Lessons From a Teacher’s Journey to  Singapore by Bill Jackson:

Singapore Math Demystified Series by Bill Jackson at The Daily Riff:

Beyond Singapore’s Mathematics Textbooks -Focused and Flexible Supports for Teaching and Learning – Winter 2009/2010, American Educator

The next great national export — Singapore math? – 2/19/2010, CNNGo Asia

The secret of Schmitz Park Elementary School is Singapore Math – 2/16/2010, Seattle Times

Schools look to Far East to add math skills – 2/2/2010, Daytona Beach News-Journal

Singapore math a success so far in Fayette Co. – 1/24/2010, Lexington Herald-Leader

Hall County School System – 11/30/2009, Hall County Magazine

Parents learn Singapore Math– 11/20/2009, Xavier School, Philippines

3 reasons why Singapore Math Curriculum is recommended by the NCTM – 11/19/2009,

Singapore Math’ is a world-beater – 11/17/2009, Bluegrass Policy Blog

Math progress adds up – 11/8/2009, The Gainesville Times

Some local schools look to Singapore to boost scores – 10/25/2009, The Tampa Tribune (via Tampa Bay Online)

New curriculum helping Georgia students’ math scores – 10/14/2009, The Gainesville Times

Singapore unveils measures to enhance professionalism of the teaching service – 9/18/2009, Transcript of a speech by Singapore’s Minister of Education

Teaching math, Singapore style – 9/6/2009, Delaware Online- The News Journal

Wentzville Singapore Math Students Excel on MAP Test – 9/2/2009, Wentzville Press Release

At Palmyra, morning hunger has broken – 8/29/2009, Lebanon Daily News

Granite launches innovative programs school – 8/24/2009, The Deseret News

Teacher explains award-winning method – 7/26/2009, 2theadvocate, New Orleans

Math texts offer new style of learning – 7/6/2009, Lexington Herald Examiner

Box clever: Singapore’s magic formula for maths success – 7/2/2009, The Independent, UK

9 x 8 = 72, or that’s what I thought… – 6/23/2009, Orlando Sentinal

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Brings Proven Singapore Mathematics Approach to the Second-Largest District in Kentucky – 6/22/2009, BusinessWire

Education under scrutiny: Poor scores on basic skills test cited – 6/6/2009, The Deseret News

Seattle Schools’ “Discovering Math” curriculum risks a generation of students – 5/29/2009 – The Seattle Times

New Chandler school to mix global teaching methods – 4/27/2009, Fox11 & The East Valley Tribune

Singapore Math – A Model Method? – 4/09/2009, Washington Post

An Inside Look at Singapore Math With American Eyes – March, 2009, The School Administrator

Math made fun: Singapore System comes to Utah school – 3/11/2009, The Deseret News

Singapore Math  heads to the Utah Senate – SB 159 was approved in committee and is headed for the Senate Floor.

Singapore Math bill gets the go-ahead – 2/6/2009, The Salt Lake Tribune

Parents look to improve math education on their own – 02/6/2009, The Frederick News Post

Singapore Math Makes a Difference – 12/9/2008, The Philadelphia Inquirer (Via Education In Japan)

Spartanburg Day School takes global approach to mathematics – 12/9/2008 Spartanburg

Wentzville School District parents are learning math the Singapore way – 12/3/2008, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Singapore Math in Wentvzille – Video: Teachers at Duello Elementary in Wentzville teach Singapore Math addition to first graders.- St. Louis Today

Chinese students pursuing U.S. education -11/16/2008, AP – MSNBC

St. Andrew’s Academy looks overseas for math inspiration 10/17/2008,  Kare11, Twin Cities

Bill proposes grants to schools that adopt Singapore Math – 10/16/2008, KCPW, Salt Lake City

Singapore Math gains support– 10/16/2008, The Deseret News

Scarsdale Looks to Singapore for New Math – Lower Hudson Journal News

New Way Of Teaching Math Comes From Singapore – 9/21/2008, WCCO TV

Students say goodbye to summer and hello to school: Las Virgenes undergoes changes – 8/28/2008, The Acorn

Lawmakers seek Singapore’s help on how to best teach math– 6/13/2008, The Salt Lake Tribune

Singapore may offer better math for Utahns– 6/13/2008, The Deseret News

Focus on learning math, not on the WASL test– 4/15/2008, The Columbian editorial, 4/23/2008, The Marysville Globe

Fox11News Report on Ramona School in Los Angeles– 4/7/2008

Elementary math lessons in Wentzville will change to Singapore method – 4/6/2008, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Panel Urges Schools to Emphasize Core Math Skills – 3/14/2008, The Washington Post

Calculating a new approach – 3/14/2008, Newsweek

NPR – Singapore Math in LA Schools– 3/13/2008

At L.A. school, Singapore math has added value – 3/9/2008, The Los Angeles Times

Independent school licks math puzzle – 2/28/2008, The Columbia Tribune

Visual learning adds up on state tests -2/9/2008, The Press of Atlantic City

ITBS scores hold or improve in Hall schools – 1/6/2008, The Gainesville Times

Teaching Math, Singapore Style – 9/18/2006, The New York Times

New Report Urges Return to Basics In Teaching Math Critics of ‘Fuzzy’ Methods Cheer Educators’ Findings; Drills Without Calculators Taking Cues From Singapore – 9/12/2006, Wall Street Journal

As Math Skills Slip, U.S. Schools Seek Answers From Asia – 12/13/2004


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