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Save the date! – Jumpstart Your Singapore Math 2024

Registration Opening Soon! "I have been in education for over a decade, and this has been one of the most engaging, practical, and meaningful Professional Development opportunities of my career. Thank you to these amazingly bright and helpful experts!" Keith Griffin1st and 2nd Grade Math Specialist "This is the best training I’ve been to. … [Keep Reading...]

Making Math Masters

My students love math class. In fact, many will tell you math is their favorite subject. Why? They’ll tell you it’s because Singapore math is fun. I’d say it’s because once they understand how math works, they become confident in their abilities. So what exactly is Singapore math? Wait, math from Singapore? Isn’t that … [Keep Reading...]

Quick Start

Singapore Math and the Common Core State Standards

Achieve, an independent, bipartisan, non-profit education reform organization has found that Singapore's Math Syllabus aligns well with the Common Core State Standards. They conclude: Overall, the … [Keep Reading...]

Word Problem Wednesday – Comic Books

This month's Word Problem Wednesday problem comes from the chapter on Real-World Problems Math in Focus 2A:  Tom has 275 comic books in his collection. Chris sells 82 comic books to Tom. Then Chris … [Keep Reading...]

Word Problem Wednesday – Plates and Bowls

Summer’s here, but you’re missing your math? Don’t despair – we’ve got you covered. Check the site each week for one whopper of a word problem that’s sure to challenge! This week's problem … [Keep Reading...]

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