Best Books for Grown-Ups Wanting to Learn Singapore Math

Best Books for Grownups who want to learn Singapore Math

You can never have too many math books, right?


Teaching to Mastery Series:

Teaching of Bar Modeling Bar Modeling: A Problem Solving Tool – This is the best beginner guide to bar-modeling. It’s designed to be a reflective journal for teachers studying and practicing the Bar Model Method. Includes “Learning from Research”, “Learning from Theory”, and “Learning in the Field” sections.


Teaching of Whole NumbersTeaching of Whole Numbers – Covers the four operations of Whole Numbers with some unique problem solving activities in the last chapter.


Teaching of FractionsTeaching of Fractions – Wondering what all those formulas in the Common Core Fractions domain mean? And how to teach them? You need this book. It’s clear, concise and provides deep understanding of operations and fractions.


Teaching of DecimalsTeaching of Decimals – Similar to fractions book. Most recent of the series.



Direct from Singapore:

Model MethodThe Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics – More advanced bar modeling book. Great for teachers looking to tie the bar model method into algebra in grades 5 through middle school.


Teaching Primary School MathematicsTeaching Primary School Mathematics: A Resource Book – This is a Math Methods text for pre-service teachers from Singapore, which is why it’s harder & more expensive in the U.S. Personally, this is one of my go-to resources. It has chapters on math in Singapore and major content areas. Topic chapters include teaching activities and analyzing and anticipating common student misconceptions. Also a great chapter on writing pencil and paper assessments.


Teaching Secondary School MathematicsTeaching Secondary School Mathematics: A Resource Book – Similar to above, with secondary Topics from Algebra to Calculus. A final section includes further reading resources.


College Courses using Primary Mathematics:

Elementary Mathematics for TeachersElementary Mathematics for Teachers – This is a Math Methods text for pre-service teachers. Great for math content explanations and makes use of the U.S. Edition of Primary Mathematics books. Often referred to as the “Parker & Baldridge book”.


Elementary Geometry for TeachersElementary Geometry for Teachers – Parker & Baldridge’s lesser known, but just as great book.



Understanding Numbers in Elementary SchoolUnderstanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics – Professor Wu’s book does not specifically discuss Singapore Mathematics, but is the best all-around book for understanding elementary school mathematics. At 551 pages, it’s no beach read, but well worth the time and effort to digest.


Books that will change your Mathematical Thinking!

Arithemtic for ParentsArithmetic for Parents: A Book for Grownups about Children’s Mathematics – A great book to have on hand for parents when they ask about “Why are we doing math this way?” Sections on Mental Math, the use of calculators in the classroom and understanding how math works in short, easy to read paragraphs.


Knowing and Teaching Elementary MathematicsKnowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States – Also known as Liping Ma’s book. This book will change your life. Seriously. If your life revolves around elementary teachers’ mathematical teaching & understanding of mathematics. I had to buy a second copy when my first finally fell to pieces.


Hands-on Classroom Activities:

Every Child Can Do MathEvery Child Can Do Math – Activities at three different challenge levels from the Salute! game to fractions. Blackline masters included. Great activities for a math wall, too.


Math TalkMath Talk: Teaching Concepts & Skills Through Illustrations & Stories
 – Images and questions to provoke thinking in the preK – grade 1 classroom. Images are available free online, but you’ll want the book for the different levels of questions to elicit deeper student thinking.