What attendees are saying!

Since 2008, Cassy has introduced thousands of teachers, administrators and parents to the Singapore Math® curriculum.  Here’s a small sample of comments participants at trainings and workshops have shared.

” I just wish I could have had more of it!” – J.D. 5th Grade Teacher

“Math never came easy to me and Cassy has made me feel good about math. I can’t wait to start the school year!” – C.D., Hollywood, CA

” I liked the ‘ah ha!’ moments. Singapore seems incredibly complex, but ‘do-able!'” – Ridgeway, CO

“Cassy is an experienced, professional teacher who understands teachers. Many trainers I have had have been good at the subject, but never taught in a classroom. She was a dynamic teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious!
– San Diego, CA

“I love the problem solving packet. It helps those who are not confident in math understand the importance of the bar method. The grade level grouping was also great!” – Pueblo, CO

“She was well organized, gave clear explanations and had great examples. She gave us realistic ideas that easily incorporate into the program. Cassy has sparked enthusiasm for the program and has given us strategies to spark the same enthusiasm in the parent body.” – Hollywood, CA

The training “brought to light the benefits of the newest research being implemented in high scoring countries and conveyed it to be exciting and achievable” -Fort Lauderdale, FL

We were able to get a glimpse of what students will be taught in all grades – excellent overview. It’s exciting to see what students will be able to accomplish.” – Petersburg, AK

“I liked the energy that Cassy had explaining every detail. Even though it was a lot of information, it seemed easier to start and apply.” – Coronado, CA

“This approach is significantly different from the program currently in use. The new elements were clearly identified and practised…excellent teaching modeled!” – Toronto, Canada

“The workshop was well developed, covered an enormous amount of material – but in a timely manner. It was not overpowering. I thought it was fantastic!”
– Calabasas, CA

Cassy “showed us and walked us through exactly what our students will be doing. She explained how to use our teacher manuals and student resources. She gave us and told us how to get more supplemental resources.”
– Ridgeway, CO

Great ideas were presented for teaching math. All of the demonstrations were clear and the exercise were fun too! I wish I could have her for one more day.
– Petersburg, AK

Cassy was informative, easy to listen to, even entertaining! Could take a class or go to any seminar she is running.” – Hollywood, CA