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The internet is abuzz with Singapore Math stories lately, from the New York Times to the numerous schools announcing a new adoption. Here’s what you may have missed:

From the New York Times:

Singapore Math Adopted in More U.S. Schools

Singapore math’s added appeal is that it has largely skirted the math wars of recent decades over whether to teach traditional math or reform math. Indeed, Singapore math has often been described by educators and parents as a more balanced approach between the two, melding old-fashioned algorithms with visual representations and critical thinking.

A Slower Approach to Math

Here in New York City, home to the nation’s largest school system, a small but growing number of schools have adopted this approach, based on Singapore’s national math system.Many teachers and parents here say Singapore math helps children develop a deeper understanding of numbers and math concepts than they gain through other math programs.

From the Voice of America:

Singapore Math Adds Up for US Teachers

By intensively training more teachers, he says, he hopes more students will get a chance to experience this new approach to learning math.

Singapore Math expert Baldridge says this curriculum, which was introduced to the U.S. through the home school market, is beginning to catch on in schools across the country.

From The Daily Riff:

“Teach less, learn more.” Lessons from Singapore by Bill Jackson:
Singapore Math Demystified by Bill Jackson:

From the American Educator:

Beyond Singapore’s Mathematics Textbooks -Focused and Flexible Supports for Teaching and Learning

Today, Singapore’s mathematics textbooks are available in the United States, so it is tempting to think that there is an easy solution to increasing mathematics achievment here-just adopt the textbooks. But the textbooks are not solely responsible for Singapore’s success; these written resources are just one part of a multifaceted approach.

Schools Adopting Singapore Math programs:

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  1. One thing that stands out in both NYT pieces is that the comments continue to be the very predictable and rather inaccurate responses to anything written about Singapore math.

    Sounds like there’s a great need to explain what focused, coherent math programs really look like. Generally people do not equate more time to better understanding…because as adults, our learning curve for kindergarten concepts has shortened and we can’t imagine being a 5-year-old again!


  1. […] Recommendation: -> Bill Jackson has been writing some interesting articles about Singapore Math for the Daily Riff online. […]

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