Handouts from Trainings

Looking for copies of a handout from a training?

Five_Minute_FrenzySample 5 Minute Frenzy (multiplication)
Blank 5 Minute Frenzy

How to Give a Sprint
Sample Sprints <-Email request for a beginning sprint library


NEWSWEEK Po Bronson games to raise IQ

OopsOops! Form

2-Dimensional Base-Ten Models



Print these on cardstock and laminate for each student.

The “T” problem

Tproblem“T” Problem Puzzler

International Logic Games for Math Centers


NimNim – China
TapatanTapatan – Philippines

Two-color discsDish – Native American

ShisimaShisima – Kenya

PONG_HAU_K'IPong Hau K’i – China

Mu_TororeMu Torere – New Zealand


Did You Know? – Shift Happens
YouTube Preview Image

All files are in Adobe PDF

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