We’re Heading West!

Catch Cassy and Beth at the California Mathematics Council – South Annual Conference in Palm Springs

Math Champions is happy to be returning to Palm Springs on November 2nd and 3rd to work with educators from Southern California. Cassy and Beth will be presenting three sessions this year, supporting the theme of Mathematical Journeys to Empower All Students.

Play some math games!

Join us on Friday at 1:30 pm for Ready, Set, Play!: Practicing Number Sense with Games. Engage in tried-and-true math games that support the development of number sense and place value. Leave with ideas and materials to take right back and use immediately in your classrooms.

Hone your bar modeling!

Continue your learning on Saturday at 8:30 am with Navigating Word Problems with Models. We’ll investigate methods of teaching and assessing tape diagrams for those persnickety word problems with hands-on materials. We’ll look at strategies to introduce model drawing to both beginning and struggling learners.

Strengthen your mental math!

Come back again on Saturday at 10:30 am for Using Mental Math Strategies to Deepen Number Sense.  Learn what we mean by mental math, explore strategies, and experience how to practice mental math in your classrooms. Having a deep sense of number will empower and build confidence in your learners.

Not registered? No problem! Registration is currently open.

Attend one of our sessions and identify yourself as a blog follower to receive a gift of thanks. We hope to see you there!

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Events Recap – Jumpstart your Singapore Math® 2018

We were thrilled to welcome teachers, coaches, specialists and administrators from 18 states to our Jumpstart your Singapore Math® Instruction workshops this summer.

We are so very grateful that you took time from your summer to join us….And we are delighted that you found it valuable!

Scenes from Jumpstart 2018

What Attendees said about Jumpstart 2018

I have been in education for over a decade, and this has been one of the most engaging, practical, and meaningful Professional Development opportunities of my career. Thank you to these amazingly bright and helpful experts!

-Keith Grifffin, 1st and 2nd grade Math Specialist, City Academy School, St. Louis, MO

As an administrator, this training was invaluable to my understanding of the Singapore approach to teaching math!

-Melanie Stivers, 5-8 Principal, Springfield Christian School, Springfield, IL

This is the best training I’ve been to. Every minute was enjoyable and educational. I feel better going into the school year and am excited to teach the Singapore way. It was life changing and mind blowing!

-Jen Irish, 3rd Grade Teacher, Terra Academy, Vernal UT
There were so many things I was unsure how to teach in Singapore Math. Cassy and Beth explained the elements in layman’s terms so I could understand the material myself, then showed us, from a student’s perspective, how to solve the problems with a logical approach. The biggest difference between this training and others was, I didn’t feel like I had to be a Math expert to teach the curriculum.

-Penny Hagerman, Interventionist, 3-5, Vanguard Classical School West, Aurora, CO

Truly appreciated the lesson planning information. The teacher’s guide does not have enough information to assist teachers with teaching strategies. I feel I can teach better and help my students better understand and build on the concepts. Awesome Class!

-Cheryl Kenney, 1st Grade Teacher, Augustine Christian, Tulsa, OK

Thanks to Jumpstart 2018 Hosts

Clayborne Education – Charlottesville, VA
Augustine Christian Academy – Tulsa, OK
Liberty Common School – Fort Collins, CO
Mounds Park Academy – Saint Paul, MN

We will announce details regarding 2019 Workshops soon. If you would like to receive notice of upcoming workshops and are not already on our email list, please complete our Training Needs Survey or give us a call.


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Announcing: Jumpstart Your Singapore Math® Instruction Workshops for 2018!

Back by popular demand!

We are pleased to announce the return of Jumpstart, an intensive, two-day workshop for current and potential users of Primary Math and Math in Focus, as well as any teacher interested in incorporating these techniques into their own classroom, regardless of current curriculum. If you are:

  • new to the Singapore approach to math instruction…
  • needing a refresher to boost your math teaching skills…
  • wanting to incorporate the best practices from Singapore into your current curriculum…or
  • curious about the reasons for Singapore’s remarkable success…

…then this workshop is for you!

Click here to get all of the details on this exciting program!

Location and dates currently available:

Tulsa, OK | July 23 – 24, 2018:
Register Now!

Fort Collins, CO | July 26 – 27, 2018:
Register Now!

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | July 30-31, 2018
Register Now!

Do you want to be notified when a Jumpstart Your Singapore Math Instruction is scheduled near you? Fill out the form below:

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Giving Thanks – Reflecting on An Amazing 2017!

Regular readers might know that I like to pause and take stock at this time of year. I broke that stride in 2016, but I’m doubly grateful to be back on track, with twice as much to share.

This year, I’m celebrating my 10th year as an independent Mathematics trainer/coach/consultant and 15th year working with Singapore Mathematics.

Thank you.

I say this every year, but it continues to be true: I am so grateful for the opportunity to champion elementary math education and to be able to spend time so much time in classrooms with teachers and students.  I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has played a part in making the past two years so special.

I am humbled and honored by the demand for my coaching and training services that have been growing year after year. For some time, I’ve known that I could not personally meet the needs of all the schools seeking help. Despite that reality, I wasn’t about to expand without the perfect partner: someone who shares my passion for math education, someone with a deep understanding of teachers, students, math, and years of classroom teaching experience.

Beth Curran

Fortunately, I found that person in Beth Curran, my fabulous colleague. In June 2016, I was thrilled when Beth took a leap of faith and agreed to join Math Champions Professional Development. Before she joined Math Champions, Beth was an award-winning classroom teacher, department chair, and lead math teacher, specializing in the Singapore math approach.

Beth jumped right in as Math Champions’ Lead Trainer and Instructional Coach, visiting several dozen schools in more than a dozen states in her first year on the job. Beth’s knowledge, expertise and ability to relate to the varying demands of classroom teachers earned rave reviews (and LOTS of repeat visits to) from school clients. She is also my trusted confidant, coach, and advisor. I am so thankful to have found someone so dynamic as Beth.

Schools, Roles, and Curricula 

Of course, We’re extremely thankful for our clients. In the last 18 months, Beth and I have worked with 55 schools/clients in 20 states as well as Germany, China, England and Canada. We’ve had all manner of roles; overseeing new curriculum adoptions, coaching teachers, coaching coaches, and advising administration. We’ve worked with all varieties of Singapore curricula, including:

  • Elementary programs (Primary Mathematics, Math in Focus, Math Works, Eureka Math, Engage NY, Inspire Maths and Maths No Problem);
  • Middle school programs (Dimensions Math, Math in Focus, and New Elementary Math)

We’ve even developed hybrid programs, crafted to meet the particular needs of schools seeking a solution unavailable from off-the-shelf materials.

Jumpstart Your Singapore Math Instruction

In July 2017, Beth and I hosted Jumpstart your Singapore Math Instruction, our inaugural public workshop in St. Paul, MN. We were delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to the program and plan to offer Jumpstart again in Minnesota (July 30 & 31) as well as other markets. We’re also planning other programs in 2018 (sign-up here to get on our notification list). Thanks to those who attended Jumpstart and to our host, Mounds Park Academy, for their superb facility and hospitality.

Regional, National, and International Presentations

I’m a big believer in continuing education and for many years have attended math educator conferences to learn from my teaching colleagues. Additionally, We’re truly thankful for speaking opportunities at so many of these gatherings. 2016 was especially remarkable; I presented at:

  • Keynote, Oxford University Press, International Forum on Singapore Math (Oxford)
  • researchED, Maths and Science Conference (Oxford)
  • researchEd Washington, DC
  • NCTM Annual Meeting
  • NCSM Annual Conference
  • National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies
  • NCTM Innov8
  • Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • California Mathematics Council (South)

Beth has quickly become a crowd favorite at conferences. Here’s a selection of our speaking gigs in 2017:


  • NCSM Annual Conference
  • National Catholic Educational Association
  • California Mathematics Council (North)
  • California Mathematics Council (South)


  • NCTM Annual Meeting
  • National Conference on Teaching Math
  • NCTM Regional Meeting
  • National Catholic Educational Association
  • California Mathematics Council (South)
  • Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State

Looking Ahead!

2018 promises to be even more busy and exciting. We arere looking forward to:

  • Partnering with a growing number of schools interested in long-term projects.
  • New and improved website!
  • Presenting at the April 2018 meetings of:
  • Jumpstart Your Singapore Math in MN, CO, CA (?) and an east coast venue that has yet to be determined.
  • Sharing news about the successes achieved by some of the schools we’re working with — please let us know if you want to be a part of this series.
  • Opportunities that are, as yet, unknown. We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring!

Finally, we are eagerly anticipating sharing some big news this spring about a project that’s been in the works…


2017 has been gratifying for Cassy as:

  • Sons continue to grow into fine young men – one is expected to graduate from Colorado State University this spring with his Mathematics degree!
  • I once again surpassed my goal of reading 50 books in the year, by reading 57 books (but there’s still l time to add to that!)

And also for Beth as she has:

  • Spent time with her two grown children and grandchild.
  • Enjoyed traveling and cashing in on all those newly found frequent flyer miles!
  • Moved just outside of Roanoke, Virginia and is embracing the small town culture.

Special Thanks this year to…

Once again, our sincerest thanks to clients, colleagues, and partners for making 2016 and 2017 such wonderful years. If we may be of service at any time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As passionate as ever about Singapore Mathematics,

-Cassy & Beth



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Throwback Thursday – Direct from the classroom: Challenges & Successes with Singapore Math implementations

For our final post this summer, we thought it would be interesting to look at other challenges schools face in their adoptions. When I re-read a post from the past I always take away something different because I am in a different place with my own experience. Perhaps you are as well!

Direct from the classroom: Challenges & Successes with Singapore Math implementations

Originally published 12/1/2012

Some teacher challenges & successes with Singapore math one year or three months after adopting the program are below. Click to see larger images.

During follow-up in-services, I like to have teachers meet in grade level groups and spend time discussing the challenges and successes they have had thus far with their teaching of Singapore Math. Each grade level is then asked to list these challenges and successes on a poster and share with the group as a whole. This allows us time to compare and share lessons from the content fresh on their minds.

There is so much challenge the first year when implementing a new curriculum, it’s helpful to take a few moments to reflect on how many successes the teachers and students have had. These posters then guide subsequent teacher learning as we focus on the concepts that they are finding challenging.





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