Save the Date! Singapore Mathematics 2014 Seminars

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Here are the 2014 dates for my BER  seminars “How to Use the Best Strategies from Singapore Mathematics to Strengthen your Math Instruction”  and  “Boost Students’ Math Problem Solving Skills Using Singapore Model Drawing” 

Specific locations and registration information available through March. I’ll update this post when the April and May dates are available. Now available!

Current 2014 dates – “How to Use the Best Strategies From Singapore Mathematics to Strengthen Your Math Instruction” (BER)

This overview of Singapore Math® strategies will put your students on the road to success with number sense, computation and problem solving.  (Plus you a get a handy-dandy handbook!)

Current 2014 dates – “Boost Students’ Math Problem Solving Skills Using Singapore Model Drawing” (BER)
A whole day of problem solving with Singapore Bar Modeling PLUS that handbook for your own home enjoyment!

Your city not on the list? Contact me and I can bring my Singapore Math® workshop(s) to your school or district – email Cassy (at)
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  1. Beth carpenter says

    When will summer dates be posted?

    • During the summer, I mainly work with schools. There is a Singapore Math Strategies Conference in Las Vegas, July 8-11. I’m not presenting this year, but will probably attend.

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