4,000 Teachers, 100,000 Students: Celebrating 7 Years with BER

DSC_0797 (2)In 2008, I left teaching in the classroom to champion Singapore Mathematics and expand its reach to elementary schools and children everywhere. The following year, the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) gave me an amazing opportunity to pursue this goal by presenting Singapore Math workshops throughout North America.

Some attendees at my BER seminars came with prior knowledge about the Singapore curriculum, but a bigger number were being introduced to Math from Singapore for the first time.

At a Seattle workshop earlier this year, BER’s Mark Ita surprised me (and other attendees) by presenting me with a handsome plaque, which read, in part:

In Recognition of Your Distinguished Teaching and Your Outstanding Contribution to the Education Profession

4,000 Teachers, 100,000 Students

DSC_0800 (1)The stats scribbled on a Post-It Note on the back of the plaque included some tangible data to support this statement:

  • 165 Seminars
  • 4,000 Teachers
  • Over 100,000 Students
2016-05-12 (1)

Cassy with BER’s Mark Ita

It is highly satisfying to know that I have impacted this number of teachers and students through my BER presentations. On the other hand, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that there are about 35.2 million Pre-K to Grade 8 students in the United States. Clearly, there is much more work to be done!

I am very grateful to BER for giving me the opportunity to present Singapore Math workshops on their behalf over the past seven years. Sincere thanks to Rich, Boyce, Mark, Nargis, Lisa and the entire travel logistics team, and the dozens of project managers who have provided encouragement and support along the way. Thank you so much!


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  1. Hayley Graham says

    Congratulations Cassy on achieving this significant milestone. That’s a lot of teachers, students and maths concepts. Just letting you know that I have been enjoying your website for about a year, as an Australian Middle School Maths teacher. I teach Years 6-8 Maths and have found aspects of the Singapore maths curriculum very exciting. I have attended one PD in Melbourne Australia but most of my learning has taken place through your regular posts. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and expertise. I run a weekly explicit-teaching problem solving session and exposing our Year 5 and 6 students to your diagrams and strategies has been very effective in building skills. It’s amazing how some very simple concepts, like a bar diagram can provide such enormous support and scaffolding in so many different problem types.

  2. Kudakwashe says

    Congratulations Cassy……YOU ARE A WONDER!!!! Dreaming of the day I am able to attend and learn under you..Kuda…(SOUTH AFRICA)

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