Word Problem Wednesday – Tanks

Word Problem Wednesday was such a hit, we’re going to continue through the year!

This problem comes from Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 3 by Bernice Lau Pui Wah, published in 2013 by Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore) Private Limited. 

Tank A has a capacity of 1 l 820 ml. Tank B has a capacity of 860 ml less than that of Tank A but twice as much as Tank C. Find the Capacity of Tank C.

Submit your solutions and we’ll post all interesting strategies.

Last month’s problem came from Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice 6A published in 2004 by SingaporeMath.com Inc.

There were 75% more adult passengers than children on a bus.  After 1/2 of the children had gotten off at a bus stop, there were _______% more adults than children left on the bus.

How did you do?

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