Word Problem Wednesday – Pei Ling, Zandy, and Sulaiman

This month’s problem comes from the website TestPapersFree.com, which provides past copies of continual and semestral assessments from Singapore Primary Schools. This is a great resource if you’re looking to see questions directly from Singapore classrooms. This problem is from Raffles Girls School,  Grade 4, and is a Semester 2 assessment, which is the final term of the year.

Pei Ling had 3 times as many cards Zandy.
Sulaiman had half the number of cards Zandy had.
There were a total of 1278 cards.
How many more cards did Pei Ling have than Zandy?

Submit your solutions by the end of the month!

The prior problem was from the Grade 6 STAAR 2013-2017 Released Test questions from lead4ward aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS.

There are 176 slices of bread in 8 loaves. If there are the same number of slices in each loaf, how many slices of bread are there in 5 loaves?


How did you do?

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  1. Pei Ling had 568 more cards than Zandy.

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