Word Problem Wednesday – Mr. Seow

Summer’s here, but you’re missing your math? Don’t despair – we’ve got you covered. Check the site each week for one whopper of a word problem that’s sure to challenge!

This week’s problem comes from Visible Thinking in Mathematics 5B by Ammiel Wan and Chelsia Loh, published in 2011 by Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore) Private Limited. 

Mr. Seow borrowed a certain amount from a bank, which charged him an interest of 3.5% per year. If he owed the bank $4347 at the end of the year, how much did he borrow from the bank?

Submit your solutions and we’ll post all interesting strategies next week.

Last week’s problem and solution:

Cynthia had $16.75. She withdrew more cash from an ATM before shopping. After spending $17.50 on a box of cookies and $23.40 on a box of chocolates, she had $35.85 left. How much money did she withdraw from the ATM?

Whew! How did you do?

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