Word Problem Wednesday – Apples

Summer’s here, but you’re missing your math? Don’t despair – we’ve got you covered. Check the site each week for one whopper of a word problem that’s sure to challenge!

This week’s problem comes from Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice 4A, published in 2004 by SingaporeMath.com

A grocer sold a carton of apples to some customers. The first customer tasted one apple and bought half the remaining apples. The second and third customers did the same. The fourth customer also tasted one apple and bought the remaining 23 apples. How many apples were there in the carton at first?

Submit your solutions and we’ll post all interesting strategies next week.

Last week’s problem and solution:

There are 3/5 as many cows as sheep on a farm. If there are 240 cows and sheep altogether, how many more sheep than cows are there?

Whew! How did you do?

Once again, astute reader Shirly Davis sent in a solution:


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