We are Math Champions!

Are you a Math Champion? Interested in joining our team?

We’re looking for passionate educators with experience teaching Singapore Math. Email Cassy (at) MathChampions (dot) com for more information!

Meet the Math Champions Trainers:

Cassy Turner has been “passionate about Singapore Math®” since 2001. As a teacher, Cassy used Primary Mathematics at several grade levels and traveled to Singapore to see the curriculum from the source. In 2008, she co-authored a Singapore Math Training Manual approved by the State of California, launched SingaporeMathSource.com and left teaching to focus on expanding the reach of Singapore’s extraordinary curriculum.

Cassy is the author if the new Dimension’s Math Teacher’s Guides published by Singapore Math, Inc. and a reviewer of the program.

As an independent math trainer and coach for 12 years, Cassy has had the pleasure of introducing Singapore Math to thousands of teachers, administrators, and parents each year. She conducts workshops for the Bureau of Education & Research (BER) and Staff Development for Educators (SDE) and is a regular presenter at NCTM and NCSM annual conferences.  Cassy has worked with teachers in 45+ U.S. States and on 5 continents.

Cassy is a devoted champion of Primary Mathematics who loves to work with schools and teachers to make every child in every classroom a competent and confident mathematics student.