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Bar Model Solutions – by Students

After the post on Assessing Bar Model Solutions went up, Beth Curran sent a message: "We just did that problem!" She agreed to share some student work: And when the students didn't draw a model: I see this as a comparison problem: 5 units -> 125 students 1 unit -> 125 ÷ 5 = 25 7 units for boys -> 7 x 25 = 175 boys in all (That's the Thinking Blocks … [Keep Reading...]

Assessing Bar Model Solutions

It's important in a Singapore style program for students to understand bar model drawing as a tool to help visualize relationships between the known and unknown in a word problem. It helps students see the algebraic structure in problems in a more concrete manner.  Developed by a Primary Mathematics Project team of the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore in the 1980's, the Model Method … [Keep Reading...]

Oxford University Events featuring Singapore Maths (and Me!)

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be speaking at not just one, but two different international conferences at Oxford University in England this June. And I am deeply honored by the invitation to present a Keynote address at one. Here are the details: researchED Maths and Science Conference Saturday, June 11th, 2016 -- Oxford's Mathematical Institute reseachED are holding an inaugural … [Keep Reading...]

Who to see at NCSM 2016?

Each year I attend the NCSM Annual Conference for my own personal professional development. The sessions on teacher development and coaching are invaluable! I don't have my full schedule planned yet, but thought I'd share a few of the speakers that I make a point to see each year. The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics is designed for math Lead, Coaches, anyone with a commitment to … [Keep Reading...]

Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips when Using a Singapore Math® Curriculum

I get LOTS of questions from teachers and administrators with questions about the Singapore Math® program. Recently, several fellow trainers have reached out to seek my advice (Wow!). One asked: What would you are say the biggest 10 things to consider when using/implementing a Singapore Math curriculum? Here's my … [Keep Reading...]

Making Math Masters

Making math masters: A brief overview of Singapore math

My students love math class. In fact, many will tell you math is their favorite subject. Why? They’ll tell you it’s because Singapore math is fun. I’d say it’s because once they understand how math works, they become confident in their abilities. So what exactly is Singapore math? Wait, math from Singapore? Isn’t that … [Keep Reading...]

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Previewing NCTM 2016 Conference Singapore Math Sessions

The NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual Meeting & Exposition program 2016 is now online and it’s time for my annual review of Singapore Mathematics sessions. I’ve included … [Keep Reading...]

Anchor Tasks Demystified

With performance-based standards and 21st-century skill sets teachers are asked to teach mathematics with an emphasis on problems solving and inquiry learning, but how?  The answer is simple, with … [Keep Reading...]

Giving Thanks – Reflecting on An Outstanding 2015

I don't know about you, but 2015 has come and gone in a flash. Exciting things are happening here in 2016 as this company grows and adds some fabulous training and coaching consultants. But you'll … [Keep Reading...]

Winter 2016 dates for Intro to Singapore Math BER Seminar

Wow! January already? Here upcoming dates for my Bureau of Education and Research seminar “How to Use the Best Strategies From Singapore Mathematics to Strengthen Your Math Instruction”  I'm told that … [Keep Reading...]

New Resources, New Workshops

Over the last ten years, I've collected a lot of materials that I love to use in the classroom. Teachers are always asking for new ideas and games so I've created a new page: Favorite Printable Math … [Keep Reading...]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks — Looking Back on 2014

I’ve just returned from my tenth consecutive week of travel and welcome the arrival of Thanksgiving. A brief break from out-of-town training and coaching jobs affords the opportunity to once again … [Keep Reading...]

2013 in Review: Celebrating an Amazing Year!

In each of the past few years, I've taken some time to reflect on the wonderful opportunities I've experienced during the preceding 12 months (Here are Giving Thanks reflections from 2012 and … [Keep Reading...]