Singapore Math = High Scores for Monterey School

Fourth-graders, from left, Chloe Bernal, Kristofer Kimes and Emma Leamy are ready to answer a question in their math class at Santa Catalina School. The school uses a method of teaching called Singapore Math. (REG REGALADO/Herald Correspondent)

From The Herald, Monterey County:

NEW MATH = HIGH SCORES: Singapore system working at Santa Catalina
By John Sammon

It seems a small thing, concentrating on basics, making sure students master concepts before moving on, but proponents of Singapore Math say the system is dramatically improving math scores at Santa Catalina School.

“We had a good math program before, but we wanted a great math program,” said Christy Pollacci, division head at the private K-12 independent Catholic school in Monterey.

Singapore Math specialist and sixth grade teacher Bill Davidson on the Singapore Math sequence:

Davidson said a lack of emphasis on teaching basic skills in the lower grades is partly to blame for poor test results at schools nationwide. For example, students are expected to grasp algebra and geometry without having mastered fractions and ratios.

“What makes Singapore Math special is the sequence in which the skills are taught,” Davidson said. “Addition and subtraction aren’t taught as separate subjects, but simultaneously, instead of being compartmentalized.”

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