Singapore Math from coast to coast

Recent articles on schools and Singapore Math…

…in the east: Singapore Math: Ending the Spiral of Non-Mastery

A conversation on Schools that Can with Vinny Dotoli of Harlem Academy (the first school in Manhattan to adopt Singapore Math) reminds teachers that they need a strong math background…

relevant to their instruction, because they “can’t teach [Singapore Math] on autopilot.”

…and the west: Math, Singapore Style

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School adopted Singapore Math school-wide this past year:

“I was stunned that six and eight weeks into the school year, teachers were at my door telling me how much they loved the program,” Director of Studies Allison Gardenswartz says. “I have never seen a response like that in all the years and programs I’ve brought on.”


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  1. Hi, I am a 2nd grade teacher and my school has just decided to adopt the Singapore program. We have a couple of teachers who would like to know if there are any schools in the Denver, CO area who use the Singapore method, but do not use Math in Focus? We’re looking to observe and get a little more information. Thanks! Roma

    • Congratulations, your school has made an excellent choice in curriculum, of course, I’m biased.;-)
      I know of several schools that are using Primary Mathematics, many of which I’ve worked directly, be and would happy to help arrange a visit and debrief about what your teachers observe. Feel free to email at Cassyt (at) gmail (dot) com.

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