In the news: Schools rave about Singapore math


Some recent schools in the news:

Mansfield Township woman learns Singapore Math overseas

Director of the Lower School at Gill St. Bernard’s School in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey heads to Singapore to learn about Singapore Math.

*A word of caution for Ms. Campbell-Rush…after teaching Singapore math in an elementary classroom for several years, I visited Singapore in 2007 to learn about it from the source.  That experience rocked my career trajectory. I returned even more excited by the curriculum and embarked on a new career: championing Singapore Math and working with schools and teachers to adopt it effectively.

At Marymount of Santa Barbara, Math Is No Problem: Students excel with an engaging method that raises the bar on achievement

Marymount School finds the curriculum has a…

…profound impact on the mathematical abilities of its students.

Bland Elementary using Singapore math

Singapore Math is …

“…a strategy that helps kids break down multi-step word problems and makes it easier for them to do,” explained Diana Tibbs, Bland Elementary School principal. “I was skeptical at first, but now I’m very impressed.”

Madison’s New School Superintendent On Going To The Next Level And Why Less Is Sometimes More

Weston school piloting Singapore Math finds…

“Our biggest takeaway is the ‘less is more’ approach. The program goes to a level of depth so students understand they are not just plugging in numbers

What’s The Big Deal about Singapore Math?

Taking a look into what differentiates Singapore Math from other methods, and why parents are raving about it in the Philippines.

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