April is Math Awareness Month

Sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the theme for April’s Math Awareness Month (MAM) is Mathematics and Sports.  From the press release:

Sports offers a cornucopia of instances involving data, strategies and chance, each of which is perfectly suited to mathematical analysis. Beyond the obvious uses of mathematics for things such as rating baseball players and football quarterbacks, mathematics is used to design the dimple patterns on golf balls and the composition of racing tires; it is used for scheduling tournaments and for ranking teams; and it is used to determine tactics and to predict the ultimate limits in sports records.

Organizations and teachers from around the country have posted some ideas for the classroom and events at their schools on the MAM site. Even better, head to Subadra’s Math Awareness Month post on her blog: Library of Books, Links & More. Be sure to have a snack first, you might be there a while. There are over 50 great links to articles, activities, and books on mathematics and sport!

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