Singapore Math® iPad Apps

[Updated September 11, 2019]

As a math-lover and techie, I bought an iPad immediately after its release and eagerly set about filling it to capacity with tools that might help students master number sense. My iPad has hundreds of math apps is FULL.

Despite the abundance of math apps, there are plenty in the iTunes store that list themselves as “Singapore Math®” apps. As you might imagine, some of them are better than others; some of them are more “Singaporean” than others.

Below are descriptions of “Singapore”, “Number Bonds”, or “Bar Model”  apps currently available and my candid opinions of each.  Jump to apps on:

Number Bonds:

Making Number Bonds – FREESimple practice for beginners with number bonds to 10.

Number Bonds Memorizer - Learn addition & subtraction fact families up to 10 with math memory game fNumber Bonds Memorizer – $2.99

Find all the number bonds. Ten levels allow students to focus on just the number combinations through ten. After that, you’ve mastered the game. The 1-player mode has all the numbers face-up, the 2-player mode has the numbers face down like a Memory-style game.

Opinion? While the game is simple and has minimal levels, the basic number bond practice is solid. This is worth $2.99.

Archimedes_Roost ipad appArchimedes Roost – $2.99

Kindergarten app based on Singapore Number Bonds and Montessori using parts and wholes and Montessori bead chain and strip board manipulatives. Includes addition and subtraction within 20. Fully narrated for non-readers.

Opinion? Great graphics and engaging activities.  Good number bond and missing addend problems. This is worth $2.99.

Number Bonds Pro (Addition Facts) – $1.99

Choose “Practice” or “Test” mode, the select number bonds to 10,20,50 or 100. In Practice mode, players are given a missing addend problem. Tap the “?” and the missing number appears. In “Test” mode, Your choices are: fact range, multiple choice or keypad entry answers, timed or not, and easy, medium hard.

Opinion? I like the missing addend format but there’s nothing particularly “Singaporean” about this app. It provides video flash cards.

Number Bonds to 10 – Free
Number Bonds to 100 – $0.99

Both titles are from Let’s Do Maths and include empty equation with numbers that sum to either 10 or 100.

Opinion? Nothing exciting…More like video flashcards than a game.

Math_Facts_Number_Bonds_iPad_app Maths Facts – $0.99

Four choices: Number Bonds and Fact Families practice to Ten, Addition & Subtraction to Ten. No ability to differentiate or make it more difficult. Addition & Subtraction is find the sum or difference.

Opinion? Simple and minimal levels. Very basic, froze a couple of times, but only 99¢.

Bar Models:

Thinking Blocks apps – Free

Thinking Blocks Addition Subtraction Thinking Blocks Multiplication & DivisionThinking Blocks Fractions  Thinking Blocks Ratio & Proportion

Thinking Blocks Ratios teaches children how to model and solve word problems with the Singapore Bar Model Method. The website has been available for almost 10 years, now in an easy to use ipad format.

Opinion?  Best bar model app out there. And they’re free.

HMH_Bar_ModelsSingapore Math, Bar Models App for iPad

Versions for grades 2-5. Free to download, includes 2 free problems, then $9.99 in-app purchase for each grade level.

Opinion?  Meh. That’s a lot to spend when Thinking Blocks is currently free.

Visual_Math_Word_Problems_iPad_app Visual Word Problems  – $4.99

Designed to help 1st and 2nd grade school children to visualize, understand and solve basic addition & subtraction word problems, this is a guided, easy to use app for early learners. I really like how prompted the steps are to maneuver through the program and that the default option is to have the app read the problems aloud. The animated word problems that use actual pictures of cows, oranges and apples are fabulous. They are laid out as a definite precursor to the bar modeling that begins in grade 3.

Opinion? Worth the $4.99, but this is not a game. If you would like your child working some basic addition & subtraction word problems, here’s your app.

Xyla_and_Yabu_iPad_App Xyla and Yabu  – $0.99

Help Xyla and Yabu trade gems back and forth by learning to add and subtract with number bonds. Use the relative sizes of number bond bars representing parts and wholes to develop number sense while solving word problems. Understand and become automatic at using tens, doubles, and other recurring patterns with numbers.

Each number bond is presented in the context of a word  problem. After mastering sums up to 20 (14 activities), kids explore similar patterns with sums up to 100 (13 activities), for 10 levels in all. There is no option to have the app read the problems aloud. In numbers to 20, there is a picture and a bar hint, in numbers to 100, just some bar hints. After the beginning levels, three possible answers are given.

Opinion? Best 99¢ you can spend on a word problem app for grades 1-2 working with parts and wholes to 100

Computation Apps:

Addition/Subtraction Facts: Singapore Approach – $2.99
Multiplication/Division Facts: Singapore Approach $2.99

Truly flash cards. There’s nothing interactive about this app. A fact is shown, click on it and it flips over to show the back side. What sets the flash cards apart is that on the back, they not only have the answer, but a strategy for the fact as well. The Multiplication/Division version uses an array model on the back of the card to provide a visual for the fact.

Opinion: Flash cards that provide a strategy. These wouldn’t be my first choice for a practice app.

Arithmetic Wiz - Singapore Math DrillsArithmetic Wiz Free – Singapore Math Drills – Free for level 1 -$1.99 for 14 additional levels

Video flash cards for the four operations. If you need flash card practice, here it is. Progress is trackable. The only thing that makes this “Singapore” math is that the company that created the program is based in Singapore. Here’s a telling quote from their site:

“Son, do the drills now. Show me some progress before you play the other games.”

Opinion? Meh. More flash cards.

Splash Math Series

While Splash Math is aligned to Common Core State Standards,  it comes up in an iTunes search for ‘Singapore Math”. The company has a California address, however the founder and all open positions are based in India, which accounts for the term “learnt” in the app. This is a nice series of apps some of which start out free, but have plenty of in-app opportunities to expand. For a price.

Here’s what’s great about the app:

  • Instead of standard flash card style questions, the problems are varied and use visual models. Children drag and drop shapes, pop bubbles, rotate clock hands and more to solve problems.
  • Visual models include ten frames, base-ten blocks, number lines, coins, fraction models, etc.
  • It’s adaptive, as students improve, harder levels are unlocked.
  • Your child’s progress will be emailed to you weekly.

Opinion? This app will replace a years worth of worksheets!

Robin_and_DobPractice Math with Robin and Dob – $2.99
Practice Times Tables with Robin and Dob – $1.99

Master addition and subtraction with math whizzes Robin and Dob. 10 levels of each, addition & subtraction, no customizing. The dog pops up when you’ve taken too long and offers help in the form of an abacus, tens and ones place value chart with apples or the problem stacked instead of horizontal. Adorable!

Opinion? While the game is simple and has minimal levels, the basic practice is solid (and adorable!).  This is worth $2.99.

Math_Master_Bingo iPad app Math Master Bingo – Free to download, 99¢ in-app purchase for unlimited play.

Practice your four operations with Bingo. Choose the operands rang and the operation. (% is used for ÷). Answer questions until you get five in a row.Every 5 problems, it asks you to upgrade. Has two buttons on homescreen to send you to Facebook, only one for Twitter

Opinion? Constantly asks to post to Facebook, I’d pas

Subscription Services:

Kindergarten Math Games for kids (singapore math) – $7.99/ month or $49.99 annual (Ipad & Google Play)
This app includes videos and activities for:

-Numbers to 5, 10, 20, and 40 with tracing and matching activities.
-Addition and subtraction to 10, 20 and 40.
-Shapes & “Fun Geometry”
-Skip counting
-Ordinal Numbers

The tracing activities for early learners might be fun, however, this app does not seem to understand number bonds and their subtraction understanding of whole – part = part:

Opinion? Not worth the $


Math_Mastery! iPad appMath Mastery!– Free

Secondary and Middle school topics. Supports, who also declares itself the “leading online Mathematics E-Learning system in Singapore”. Must be a registered user of Ace Learning to use.

Opinion?  No need to download unless you already subscribe to Ace Learning.

Math_Exam_Revision_Kit Math Exam Revision Kit – Free

Also by ACE-Learning Systems and so must be registered to get the full app. Secondary and Middle school topics including notes, questions with guided solutions and more practice questions.

Opinion?  No need to download unless you already subscribe to Ace Learning.

Matholia iPad apps Matholia iMath tools & Essential Practice – Also on Android – Free to download, paid subscription to access

For grades 1-6, Matholia is an another online mathematics learning portal providing pupils, teachers and parents with dedicated content based on the latest primary maths syllabus from the Singapore Ministry of Education – or you could get the U.S. version. Try the program free for 7 days with a code, then you must subscribe to continue. Ther are practice learn and games option available on the desktop version as well as Singapore math tools and virtual manipulatives for differentiated interaction.

Opinion?  No need to download unless you already subscribe to Matholia.



 2048 SG Army  – Free

Version of 2048 in which you match tiles to earn your way through the Singapore Armed Forces

Opinion? Probably not for your typical child. I made it through the ranks to Staff Sargent through sheer luck. Stick with the regular numbers version.

 Singapore Math Manipulative – $1.99

Put out by a tutoring company in Singapore.

Opinion? Pass.