Singapore Mathematics Web Sites

Looking for online content to supplement Singapore Math? Try these:

The Singapore Maths Teacher
Written by Singaporean educators, The Singapore Maths Teacher aims to provide students with an effective learning tool to assist them in mastering the art of problem solving. Provided problems have a step-by step slide format allowing students to pause and consider drawings and answers.

Thinking Blocks Addition and subtractionThinking Blocks
Thinking Blocks is an interactive math tool developed by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve multi-step word problems. There are two components:

  • Model and solve given word problems in a guided environment. Great for teachers, parents and students to learn bar modeling by doing!
  • Modeling tool designed to be used on SMARTboards or other classroom technology. Teachers can use given problems or input their own.

Thinking Blocks is also available in an iPad app.

Math Buddies
Online learning environment from Marshall Cavendish, publisher of Primary Mathematics and Math in Focus. Free trial offered.
Online Digital Singapore Math Learning Center that takes the content from Math Buddies and organizes it into online”belts” allowing parents and schools to focus on specific skills to learn and practice, regardless of grade level.

Conceptua Math
Has a superb set of free whole number and fractions tools which use a similar pedagogical approach as the Singapore syllabus.  Conceptua® Math is a Common Core math solution that uses a combination of visual models, story problems, classroom discussion guides, and real world investigationsto support the teacher in the classroom.

The leading online Mathematics E-Learning system in Singapore. For grades 7-12.

Home Campus SingaporeHome Campus
From Singapore. Learn, practice and assess elementary mathematics, currently grades 3 – 6. Learn component is free, and a good resource for parents looking for homework help! Practice and Assessments start at Singapore $2.48 per month. Parents with accounts can follow their child’s progress and set goals.


Online classes based on Primary Mathematics for grades 1-6, New Elementary Mathematics for grades 7-10 and College Mathematics for grades 11-12. to the Alternative placement tests written by the self-described “team of academicians, technocrats and concerned parents” that provide online classes with Primary Mathematics. Free trial offered.



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