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For the most up-to-date sites that I use with students, check out my Math Club links.

Base-10 Blocks:

Math CatsMath Cats
Thinking games and practice.
MathCats Make-Your-Own Manipulatives ideas.
Manny’s Rhumba Base-10  game from Learning Box 
Houghton Mifflin eManipulatives

 Math Fact Practice:

National Math BeeNational Math Bee
On hiatus this year. Will begin again in fall 2011 2012
(May need to sign up for a multi-level marketing scheme to participate.)
The National Math Bee is a fun way to help students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills.  
mathdoodles MathDoodles
Designed to provide a place where children can discover the joy, wonder, and fun of mathematics. (And they are engaging math practice too!)

Fun and Free! Sumdog’s learning engine adapts its questions to each student’s ability.

Our aim is to provide simple, fun, competitive games that help children learn and gain confidence with Maths, English and other key skills and knowledge. Teacher tracking makes this a great program for classroom math fact practice.
Math Playground
Give your brain a workout with this site for elementary and middle school aged children
mathmagiclogo Math Magician
Are you a Math Magician? Can you cruise through 100 math facts questions in under 5 minutes?
Basic Skills math Games Basic Skills Practice Games
Order of operations drills brought to you by Jefferson County Schools in Tennessee
MathsZone Maths Zone
Interactive multiplication drills and flash cards aimed at 7-11 year-olds
Math Counts
Preparation drills from the Math Counts competition.
How many problems can you solve in 60 seconds? Puzzle Playground
This treasury of classic and modern puzzles has interactive and printable activities.
rekenwebKids Kount
This Netherlands-based site has enough puzzles and games to keep students thinking all year.
Interactive Tangrams
ABCYA Tangrams
Try either site for interactive tangram puzzles. 
Matchstick puzzles Matchstick Puzzles:
Great brain exercise and problem solving activities for you students who are always looking for challenges.
NewLogoCut the Knot
Games and puzzles – better put on your thinking cap!
mf-headMath Fiction
Integrate math into your Language Arts with this enormous list of mathematical fiction.
kenken KenKen
It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s addictive. It’s the game that’s sweeping the country. It’s KENKEN! Invented by noted Japanese Math Teacher, Tetsuya Miyamoto, KENKEN allows you to test your puzzle acumen by improving your math skills!
Maths Dictionary
From abacus to zero, it’s all here!
kanji_headerThe Bead Unbaffled
Speaking of the abacus, here are directions on how to make and use a Chinese or Japanese abacus.
maflogobottomMath Art Fun
Where math and art intersect!
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Houghton Mifflin Math: Grade 3

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