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In addition to championing Elementary Math education, I’m a long-time Charter School advocate and have an especially deep relationship with two award-winning Charter Schools.

For many years, I volunteered and taught at Benchmark School in Phoenix, Arizona (the first school in the region to introduce the Singapore Math® curriculum!).  Next month, I’ll complete a three-year term as a member of the Board of Directors of Liberty Common School in Fort Collins, Colorado (also a long-time user of Math from Singapore!). My two sons attended both Benchmark and Liberty.

I am very grateful to be able to count scores of Charter Schools among my training and consulting clients.

For these reasons, I was struck by the announcement that The Colorado League of Charter Schools is hosting a 20th Anniversary Luncheon & Silent Auction to honor and recognize Charter School Founders. The event will be held on June 3, 2013 — 20 years to the day after the Colorado Charter Schools Act was signed into law.

I’m a huge fan of the Colorado League of Charter Schools and truly appreciate all the great services it provides to Colorado Charters.

So…I’ve donated one-day of Singapore Math training to the League’s 20th Anniversary Silent Auction.

Proceeds from the auction will support the League’s 20th anniversary campaign, including advocacy programs and efforts to improve public awareness and understanding of charter schools.


The League’s Silent Auction accommodates online bidding, so I invite anyone (ANYWHERE) who might want to bring Singapore Math Training to a school to try and win this offering. If you don’t already know, I’ll go ANYWHERE to work with teachers looking to use Singapore Mathematics.

Happy Bidding! (I’ll post a link to the auction after it goes live on May 27.) You have until 10pm, Mountain time on May 31.

For prospective bidders, here is information about my training services, some comments from past participants and general terms for this auction item:

Since 2008, Cassy has had the pleasure of introducing Singapore Math® to thousands of teachers, administrators and parents in 34+ U.S. States, Mexico, Canada, Ghana and the Republic of Palau. She has helped more than 60 schools (including 15 in Colorado!) successfully implement the Singaporean curriculum.

Cassy’s acclaimed seminars receive rave reviews:

  • Fabulous!! Cassy’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge make this one of the MOST FABULOUS days of staff development that I have been lucky enough to experience in 40 years! Thanks so much!
  • Cassy is wonderful! She has wonderful ideas and presents them with such enthusiasm! Amazing!!
  • Best seminar I have been to in my 25 years of teaching. Lively, worthwhile, keeps your attention. Taking back strategies and activities I can use in my classroom. Very motivating.
  • This seminar will significantly change how I approach teaching math problem solving with my high ability students. Cassy’s energy and enthusiasm for math made the day fly!
  • Wow! Wonderful strategies! Can’t wait to bring it to my classroom. Thank you!
  • This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Cassy was excellent.

Bid on this item to bring Cassy to your school!

Choose from seminars on supplementing with Singapore Math strategies, Singapore Bar Model Drawing or apply to multi-day adoption training. Resource handbooks for up to 40 participants are included.

Note: Cassy is prepared to bring this training to you. However, a winning bidder outside Colorado Front Range communities will be responsible for reimbursing her actual travel expenses to your location.

Questions: Cassy (at) SingaporeMathSource (dot) com.

About Cassy

Passionate about Singapore Math + Teacher Trainer and Coach + Treasure Hunter + Learner. Answer to the ultimate question? 42.


  1. As a teacher at a public school in the Lakewood, California area, as well as a teaching for Allison Tutoring of Lakewood, California, I have experienced firsthand the importance of encouragement to my students. Positive encouragement affects their mood, their self-esteem, their interaction with peers and everyday situations in the classroom. It’s hard to think that MY few words of positive encouragement at school may be the only time they hear it. Every little bit helps.

  2. Excellent work! I’m sure your donation helped them in dividends!

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